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my problem, I have 15 thousand dollars in debt to the IRS,, I take some blame for having lack of knowledge about the tax system, and self employment tax. wow.. I live alone and I have been stressing about this a long time.. I am losing my teeth from being unable to afford dental work.. I am in an industry working with people and have not been able to smile or eat properly for some time.. I need implants and I also need treatment for gingavitis.. Im not sure what to do.. If there is anybody out there with able to afford to be a philanthropist, I would be a happy recipient..

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I have a jaw dislocatation. I have no insurance. I am looking for some kind of funding assistance. My problem is constantly getting worse on a day to day basis. I have twitching and seizures from chewing and too physical activity, and tightness on my whole right side of my body.

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