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For homeless veterans in Florida :The Florida Veterans Mobile Service Center

The "Florida Veterans Mobile Service Center" utilizes a state of the art 40-foot van equipped with two exam rooms, as well as facilities for dental care, to travel the state performing intervention with homeless veterans who live in rural encampments. This mobile unit offers a unique opportunity to provide homeless veterans immediate assistance of food and clothing, health screening and assessment.
Look in the left sidebar for a calendar of locations.




Here is the Florida public dental health program page :








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i am in desperate need of dental care. i have been disabled with M.S. for over 10 years and with my disability check of 850.00 monthly i can not afford dental help. i have only 4 teeth left....the rest are in various stages of broken...all just sharp ridges just above my gums. i live in s.w. florida, i would be willing to drive to get help....but paying will be difficult...but i am willing to pay what i can.....i am afraid of my teeth infecting my heart....not to mention i dont go any where with the shame of my appearence..and the smell of my breath. too be honest im 56 years old...andf have thought that life is hardfly worth living...the more isolated i become...with the shame of my mouth...i have searched all over...and have run out of options. any help or suggestions would be a God send. thank you in advance
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my problem, I have 15 thousand dollars in debt to the IRS,, I take some blame for having lack of knowledge about the tax system, and self employment tax. wow.. I live alone and I have been stressing about this a long time.. I am losing my teeth from being unable to afford dental work.. I am in an industry working with people and have not been able to smile or eat properly for some time.. I need implants and I also need treatment for gingavitis.. Im not sure what to do.. If there is anybody out there with able to afford to be a philanthropist, I would be a happy recipient..

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I have a jaw dislocatation. I have no insurance. I am looking for some kind of funding assistance. My problem is constantly getting worse on a day to day basis. I have twitching and seizures from chewing and too physical activity, and tightness on my whole right side of my body.

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